Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

So this is going to be a simple post. No pictures, no links to various pages or Wikipedia articles (okay, maybe just that one). One of the reasons I've been avoiding posting for a while is because I just don't have any very good pictures, or funny little stories, or engaging debates that I've had recently. But after reading a bunch of other blogs, I have realized that I don't really care whether or not a friend has any pictures up. Or funny little stories, or even engaging debates they've had recently. I like knowing what's going on.

So here's where I stand right now. Summer term starts tomorrow (!!), my last little taste of BYU before I head out. Where to, do you ask? Why, the great Florida State University! About as different from BYU as you can get. Well...maybe not the most different from any other university, but pretty close. I've already found a couple places to live (hopefully in this one house with a bunch of other LDS guys...), and I can feel the end coming closer and closer. I get closer to the end of my time at BYU, I have started realizing how absolutely beautiful BYU is during the summer time! I also noticed in my pictures how gorgeous BYU is during this winter time! And during fall, when the leaves are changing color! And during spring, when everything is starting to bud and bloom!! I live in beauty!!!

Kind of funny how it's taken me all of five years here at this university to figure that out. Now I have the rest of these eight weeks (slightly less, actually) to completely soak in the essence of Brigham Young University. Then, when I begin my time at FSU, I can still bleed true-blue among all of that garnet.