Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm back!

Sporadic is certainly the right word to describe my constancy in writing. Things have been a little crazy since the beginning of school about three weeks ago. I originally had planned to take 19 credit hours not including the Fall Opera Die Fledermaus. In hindsight, I see that I would have died. So instead, I've dropped three classes that I was going to take along with my English minor that I so ambitiously planned to earn. I realized in my pondering of my situation that I really did not need that English minor. That hideous English minor. My apologies to all of you that happened to earn English minors, or went even to the extreme and earned/are earning your degree in English. You all are better people than I could ever hope to be.

So after some deliberation and encouragement from my good friend Trent (thanks a ton), a contract with the University to take 28 credit hours during this school year in order to keep my academic scholarship, and some huffing and puffing to and from One-Stop, I now have a wonderful schedule complete with 12 credit hours and 13 hours of work. :-D

Despite the simplicity of my class day, I'm still finding this semester to be incredibly stressful with all the music events that I have planned in the next few weeks. This week we have the Choral Showcase that will be on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, not to mention the complete run through of Die Fledermaus on Wednesday as well. Then it's into the evening rehearsals that we will begin shortly for the opera, not to mention as well the incredible memorization project for BYU Singers to prepare for our one-performance-mini-tour to San Antonio for the inaugural National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) Conference the first week of November. Oh, but before that 45-minute memorized concert we also have the opera to perform the week earlier. For six nights. And then I have all of the midterms for my different classes, and a wonderful trip to Vegas planned in there for my old roommate's wedding. It's just a tad bit crowded this next month.

And as for myself, I've just recovered from some crappy, debilitating back injury-thingy. I woke up on Thursday morning with a terrible dull pain in my lower back - rather, the pain woke me up repeatedly. I couldn't understand what it was in my sleepy state, and finally realized in the shower that it was my back (I tend to do most of my early morning stuff on autopilot). I had to move like an 80-yr old man so as to not hurt myself even more. :-( I ended up calling work and not going in that morning, then canceling a number of my classes that day. Friday was even worse, and I wound up in my bed for almost all day long. Literally, I was in my bed for about 10 hours. That seemed to do a world of good for me, so here I am at my job on campus with only minimal pain in my lower back.

Life is good. Life is stressful. Life is good and - you get the point.